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Gina K Park of Artcoded: Metaverse/AI/NFTs is the future of all industries

Reinhardt Kenetth and Gina K Park of Artcoded: Metaverse/AI/NFTs is the future of all industries 1

ARTCODED is co-founded by Gina K Park and Reinhardt Kenneth.

HBZ: You’re the definition of a Boss Babe, a true entrepreneur working across multiple industries from creative design, events, production, and also diving into the quite new world of Metaverse, AI, NFTs. Can you tell us how these different worlds collided for you and how you manage to balance them?

GINA K PARK: 25 Years ago, I started my career running and owning my own flower shop. During my tenure as the shop owner, I started getting involved with events doing floral arrangements and expanding my network of connections. Dipping my toe into the event industry pushed not only my business, but myself to take on a true entrepreneurial mindset. Eventually, I felt stagnant and no longer felt growth solely managing the flower shop and my intuition told me to expand my wealth of knowledge and resources into other ventures. These thoughts came to fruition during the height of the covid pandemic when I realized the power of technology and ultimately how it is shaping not only the now but the future. Having continued to meet people when working a multitude of events covering different industries, I saw technology as the common denominator. The metaverse, AI and NFTs are all aspects of the future that businesses can no longer deny and as an entrepreneur I saw the value in learning about this new world. I am able to balance all of these projects because I am still hungry to succeed and grow as a person. These challenges continue to push me in making my aspirations a reality. And of course, fostering an amazing team has helped me in this balancing act.

LEFT: Reinhardt Kenneth. Blazer, Wear the Future. Vest & trouser, Francesca Cottone. Top, Helen Anthony. Tie: Nandanie. Shoes, Marita Moreno. RIGHT: Gina K Park. Blazer & trouser, Helen Anthony. Top. Manurí. Brooch: Nina Berenato. Necklace 1, Pyrrha. Necklace 2, Ashley Gold. Shoes, Charles David Shoes.

HBZ: As we learn more about the metaverse and how the digital landscape is changing rapidly before our eyes, can you give us some expert insight into this and what sort of future do you feel is coming for technology and those of us who are trying to catch up and learn our way around these new aspects?

GINA K PARK: As far as expert insight, I truly believe we are still at a fairly even playing field, especially in terms of learning about the metaverse, NFTs and AI. It is never too late to learn about this growing facet of the digital landscape. We are currently living in a time where information is readily available for anyone to consume with the power of a quick google search. I don’t think anyone will miss the bus. Technology is a revolving door designed to make life easier and get people closer together, not push them apart. The future I see, in correlation to the growing importance of technology, is for all industries to adopt an aspect of this technological revolution and make it their own. Whether it be the fashion industry incorporating NFTs to shake up the retail market or the medical industry connecting patients in the metaverse, the future is clearly digital. The goal of technology is ultimately to help people and I have always aligned my goals with that same idea in mind.

Reinhardt Kenetth and Gina K Park of Artcoded: Metaverse/AI/NFTs is the future of all industries 2

HBZ. You’ve been producing amazing works/NFTs with a group of talented artists, how did you all meet and what drew you to them?

GINA K PARK. I was able to meet all of these people through connections I’ve made working events. I have been able to come across people from all walks of life and industries that I would never have met. What drew me to these artists was a shared passion and work ethic. I think the best people to surround yourself with are those who have the same drive that you do. Also an understanding of technology and its relevance to the future helped draw me to these individuals.

HBZ. What do you think is most often misunderstood about Metaverse/AI/NFTs?

GINA K PARK. I think what is most often misunderstood about the Metaverse/AI/NFTs is that people do not realize that it is the future of all industries. There is a lot of unknown and lack of understanding for the public to not open their mind to the possibilities of the metaverse. We saw this exact phenomenon happen with bitcoin at its inception. There were many skeptics who did not see value or believed in the idea of a digital currency but we are at a stage in society where these ideas are feasible and attainable with the right education and mindset. There is so much room for growth in this industry and room for everyone to learn. The creation of the internet alone changed the world and the metaverse is simply the next stage of its evolution.

Top, Helen Anthony. Feather suit: Club L London. Necklace & ring, Andréanne Patry.

HBZ. You also do production and your work involves Hollywood and the quickly growing Kpop industry that’s gaining quick traction around the world. How is it working with these two industries for you?

GINA K PARK. It’s amazing to be able to get to work in these two industries and I’m very grateful to be in a place where I get to experience the growth of kpop first hand. As a Korean woman, it is refreshing to see this representation and incredible to see my culture appreciated on a global scale.

Top, Helen Anthony. Feather suit: Club L London. Necklace & ring, Andréanne Patry. Shoes, Charles David Shoes.

HBZ. Your career has you jet setting around the world at times week to week between your home in Los Angeles to South Korea. It’s quite impressive! How do you manage to hustle between so many different countries, do you get a chance to rest and regroup between it all or is it really just go, go, go?!

GINA K PARK. I am a very driven individual and that has always given me the energy to do more and take on projects no matter the venue or country. That’s not to say that I don’t get tired. I enjoy every moment with my family and children. They have been my rock and have been a driving force in wanting to succeed. On the flipside, my life is all go go go and I am blessed to have the opportunities that I have. I intend to live this fast paced lifestyle until I can’t do it anymore

Reinhardt Kenetth and Gina K Park of Artcoded: Metaverse/AI/NFTs is the future of all industries 3

Blazer, Wear the Future. Vest & trouser, Francesca Cottone. Top, Helen Anthony. Tie: Nandanie. Shoes, Marita Moreno.

HBZ. Are there any specific people you feel had a huge impact in your life and work thus far?

GINA K PARK. One of the people with the biggest impact on my life and work has been my previous partner, Juan Carlos Rivera. He passed away and has been one of the biggest inspirations for me to succeed. He was a true genius in his craft. The work that we’ve done work I continue to do has been in his honor. We had a shared goal of bringing artists the chance to showcase their talent. I have been given the opportunity to work with so many talented individuals who inspired me to expand my knowledge in various fields. My children also help give motivation to help create the world I want them to live in.

Top, Purgatory. Coat, Alabama Blonde. Pants, Killstar.

HBZ. What are some challenges you had to overcome that taught you invaluable lessons?

GINA K PARK. One of the challenges that I’ve overcome in recent times has been getting people on the side of technology, especially during this transitional period. There has been a hill to get over when telling people in the industry to value technology and see it as the future. Especially as a woman, patriarchal structures have prevented me getting my points across without being perceived as bossy or naggy. I have learned to not be intimidated by any man and stand for what I believe in. Women are multitasking experts.

Reinhardt Kenetth and Gina K Park of Artcoded: Metaverse/AI/NFTs is the future of all industries 4

HBZ. What is your ultimate advice for the young generation out there that want to be their own boss, control their own careers, and be entrepreneurs? Especially as they navigate the ups and downs, because they’ll definitely face huge challenges.

GINA K PARK. The best advice I can give the next generation is to not be afraid of failure. Every failure and rejection is a learning experience. When you fail, it is an opportunity to sit back and analyze your mistakes and grow as a person and see other perspectives. I also think it is very important for the younger generation to always be open to learning. You are never too old to learn something new, especially in the creative field and to surround yourself with mentors that can expand your knowledge. Always be open to reciprocal relationships in the creative field.

Coat, Alabama Blonde.

HBZ. What’s next for our ultimate boss babe crush, Gina K Park?

GINA K PARK: I am working with a group of select and amazing professional women to build a platform to help creatives do forge their own paths and act as a resource.I want to continue to just grow and expand my events business and continue on the path that I’m creating for myself and others. Growing my network of connections has always come back to bless me and I want to be able to give back to those who have done the same for me. I am thankful to be in a position where I am able to give back.

An ARTCODED @art.coded
Talent: Reinhardt Kenneth @reinhardtkenneth and Gina K Park @ginakpark
Photographer: Rielle Oase @really_rielle
M.U.A: Carisa Arellano @carisadoesitall
Stylist: Michelle Wu @michellewustyle
Location Provided by Ari Friedman @arimandias
Lighting Director: Gerald Mangalindan @kingerald_photo
Stylist Assistant: Sara Takenaka @saraatakenaka
Photo Assistants: Jared Espino @jaredsillo.oh and Elizaveta Kaminski @liza.kaminski
BTS: Matt Mendoza
Interview: Interview : CM Agency @agency__cm

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